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Ariane MüllerAriane Müller
01:49 14 May 23
Absolutely NOT recommendable! It's like a pure commercial tour. You're brought with many other people from one to another place where people try to sell you a million things. The beach was totally crowded, in the cenote they put music. The chocolate and coffee tasting is super quick - you don't learn much about the whole process. Again - they just try to sell their stuff to you.Our guide was rude and passive aggressive with us! The whole time. After the tour we heard how he was complaining about his clients with the bus driver when we were driving back to Bávaro.The guide was running after a little boy on the street with a huge piece of wood trying to hit him - in front of our eyes!! Looks like he didn't want to have him there. We were in shock!Absolutly the opposite of enjoying!!
Igor B.Igor B.
18:48 07 May 23
Awesome experince, 5* service
Kristina PavlovicKristina Pavlovic
17:10 06 May 23
The buggy itself was a great experience, but the other things on the tour - not so much. Explaination in English was poor, we did not get enough details for any part of the tour. The typical Dominican house experience was very poor. The guide explained the process of making coffee, chocolate and mamahuana in total of three sentences. After that he started selling cocoa products for 5x their real price (as we discovered later in the local market in Punta Cana). Just dont buy anything there because you can find all the products for 1/5 of the price elsewhere. Also bring your own bandana (scarf) and sunglasses, because they dont tell you that you must have them until you get there and the price for both is cca 20 usd + tax (pay by credit card).The tour felt rushed, should have lasted one more hour at least.To summarize, good experience with the buggies, but come prepared and do not buy any products in the dominican house on the tour.
joshua lopezjoshua lopez
11:14 15 May 22
Had a wonderful experience. Definitely not something you should pass up in the area. The tour is about 2.5 hours. They will take you to about 3 places. Small Hut to taste fresh made chocolate and coffee, cave to jump in water, and the beach all within the time. The price was reasonable and great for three people in a buggy was about $150. They have other options if you wish to drive solo or with a passenger.
Ken HarringtonKen Harrington
09:54 25 Jul 17
Had a great time with my family. We went to a cave, the beach (Macao Beach) and a typical dominican home where we learned how they make coffee and chocolate.

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